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Father's Rights

Strengthening Families in Suffolk County

If you are a father facing family law issues such as divorce, you may need legal counsel and representation to ensure that your rights as a parent are fully protected. In today's world, the rights of fathers in regard to their children are viewed as being just as important as that of a mother in most situations. There are instances, however, where a nasty divorce case may cause the father to get ousted out of his legal rights.

While a child's relationship with his or her mother has a profound impact on the child's emotional and physical stability and health, a child's relationship with his or her father is just as important. Having both parents involved in a child's life is generally in the child's best interests, which is always at the forefront of court decisions related to child custody. Do not hesitate to get the legal help you need if you have found yourself in this situation.

Determining Essential Issues

Divorce cases are already stressful both emotionally and physically. Determining issues of child custody and child support can make the process even worse. It is vital that fathers of children realize that they have just as much rights as the mother does. In general, couples that have at least somewhat of an amicable relationship should be able to come to an agreement on support, custody and rights to parenting time.

Common Conflicts

A couple of very common and themed issues can arise when it comes to father's rights. Generally, these issues have to do with here-say and matters related to finance during or after a divorce.

An experienced family lawyer can help if father's rights are being disrupted due to the following:

  • Derogatory Comments
  • Domestic Violence Allegations
  • Financial Issues
  • Changed Job Situations

Struggling to Obtain Your Legal Rights?

If you are a father in need of legal assistance with any father's rights issue, please contact an experienced lawyer at our firm as soon as possible to discuss your situation. As an attorney with decades of experience, Lynn Poster-Zimmerman has the extensive knowledge, skills, and resources to ensure that your case is effectively represented in any family law proceeding or issue. She believes that father's rights are vital and need to be actively protected.

As an attorney who is passionate about helping fathers through the legal system, she has helped innumerable men in both Suffolk and Nassau counties in resolving matters related to their divorce. Call her offices today at (631) 731-1042 for a free initial consultation!

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