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Parenting Time and Visitation

Knowing Your Rights as a Parent in Suffolk County

It is usually in a child's best interests to have contact with both parents after a divorce or separation, or during the divorce process, and that the contact be frequent, meaningful, and on a continual basis. To achieve this, parenting time from both parents, whether custodial or non-custodial, is encouraged and obviously more beneficial than mere visitation.

Parenting time and visitation are terms that are often used interchangeably, although parenting time suggests a more committed relationship as to the importance of the time spent between parent and child. A parent who merely "visits" with a child does not convey the significance or reality of a relationship that is continuous and enduring.

Parenting time issues may come about from separation, divorce, or paternity matters. In each case, as parents negotiate parenting time, they should consider the unique needs of the children involved and their ability to cope with the situation, which will change as they mature. Parenting time schedules and agreements are constructed with the particular family and may be as flexible as possible to accommodate the fluctuating needs of both parents and children over the long run.

Mediation: A Beneficial Alternative to Court

When you are concerned about losing visitation rights and parental influence in the life of your child during a divorce proceeding, it may be an advantageous idea to consider mediation. With mediation, it is a confidential and completely voluntary process. The couple meets with a third party, non-partial mediator to discuss the issues involved in the separation.

One of the greatest benefits of mediation is that you ultimately have control over what happens with your children and with your divorce or separation. Neutral to both parties, the mediator will guide you in coming up with a parenting plan that works for all of you.

It also will help improve communication with your spouse on the areas of concern you have for your child. Once an agreement is reached, an agreement is prepared which will ultimately be incorporated into a court order. It usually ends up saving time and money, while protecting your rights to choose what becomes of your children.

Gaining the Legal Help You Need

If you live in New York and you need legal assistance in dealing with parenting time or visitation rights, please contact Lynn Poster-Zimmerman, PC to speak with a lawyer to schedule a free consultation about your situation. Attorney Lynn Poster-Zimmerman has over 35 years of experience in family law. She is also an experienced Law Guardian in Suffolk County, representing the rights of children whose parents are dealing with issues of custody and parenting time.

With her decades of proven results, extensive knowledge, and skills, she can provide highly-qualified assistance with any issue in her field, including that of parenting time.

We know what the courts look at in determining these important issues and can ensure that your legal rights are protected and advanced under New York family law. Call now at (631) 731-1042.

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