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Determining Paternity and Looking Out for Fraud

When a single mother wishes to pursue child support payments, she must first establish paternity. If she has discovered the father and he willingly signs off on the child's birth certificate, claiming that he is in fact the father, this is considered proof of paternity. In cases where the father has not agreed or come forward, a paternity test must take place to check the DNA of the father against that in the child. It is important if you are the potential father in this situation, to realize the possibility of paternity fraud.

Paternity fraud occurs when the mother of the child claims that a man is the father of her child, knowing full well that he is not. If she is any way identifies that he is the father or has any doubt in her mind as to whether or not the child is his, she can be guilty of fraud. Women may attempt to commit fraud like those in order to receive child support payments and unfortunately there really is no punishment for those that commit this action. There are consequences; however, for men that get stuck paying child support payments for years, only to find out that it was never their child to begin with.

In cases such as this, the court may decide to put an end to child support payments immediately or order that support payments be upheld. The reasoning behind why the court might still mandate that he make payments could include the following:

  • The man has acted as the child's father for so long and has become the father figure in their life
  • It is in the best interests of the child
  • There is fear that if the child does not remain supported that he or she will go into public charge

In the event that you have been a victim of paternity fraud or think that you may be facing fraudulent claims of parenthood, it is best that you contact a Suffolk County family lawyer as soon as possible. Our lead attorney has nearly three decades of experience handling every kind of family law situation you can imagine and she is willing to protect your rights and seek justice on your behalf. Time is of the essence with these types of cases, do not hesitate to contact our office today!


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