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Choosing Divorce Court over Mediation or Collaborative Divorce

Divorce court – these two words seem to be banned from every couples mind and many who are facing a separation would rather do anything than work out their differences in front of a judge. However, there are times when going to court is the best option and will deliver the most favorable results.

Alternatives like mediation and collaborative law are all good and well when both parties can get along to a certain degree and are willing to cooperate, if only for the time being. Some spouses particularly enjoy the control that comes with a divorce solved outside of the court room.

Unfortunately, sometimes conflict, incompatible personalities, and unbecoming lawyers make court a necessary evil. But it doesn't have to be all bad. With the representation of the right lawyer, you can walk out of the courtroom unscathed and no worse for wear.

How do I know if divorce court is right for me?

It is not uncommon to begin pursuing mediation or collaborative divorce only to realize it's simply not going to work for you and your spouse. And that's okay! Couples reach positive outcomes everyday by going to court.

One of the most common reasons to head to court is because one spouse is unwilling to communicate openly. For whatever the reason, divorce makes many people clam up, which will result in you and your spouse getting nowhere. Without honest communication, you can spend months and even years settling a divorce.

When one spouse regularly employs abusive or intimidating tactics to get what they want, divorce court can actually be a good thing. The last thing you want is to be bullied into divorce terms that you don't agree with, so why not leave it up to the judge?

Often, the issue of an affair, significant wealth, and even just the surprising idea of a divorce itself all make it necessary to go to court. Some individuals are so bent on hurting the other party that they'll do whatever it takes to do so and you certainly don't want to be left to cope on your own.

If you believe divorce court is the best solution for you and your spouse, don't hesitate to contact the firm's Suffolk divorce attorney for dedicated representation!


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